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The Zephyr Project Q4 Newsletter - Zephyr Project               


Sports Management is a growing industry that generates billions of dollars every year and has become an attractive field both in terms of education as well as a career choice. However, sports is not only a billion dollar industry, it is much more than that. It provides entertainment, promotes mental and physical wellbeing and creates a sense of community and belonging. 

This fascinating field caught my eye at an early age and playing sports such as ice hockey, soccer and floorball got me even more intrigued to pursue an education and career within the sports industry. Taking it a step further, I decided to create Sports Management Podcast in order to gain and share knowledge about the sports industry by interviewing people who have worked within sports for decades. 

In this podcast, you can listen to professionals from all around the world talking about their work, experiences and expertise within the field of Sports Management. You will listen to sports agents, managers, authors, psychologists, lawyers and many more discussing about football, ice hockey, padel, rugby, cricket and MMA among other sports. 

Listen to them and their interesting stories on the Sports Management Podcast.


I am your host, Marcus Filipsson, and I am interviewing interesting and inspiring professionals from the Sports Management industry. I have a BSc (Hons) in Sports Management and I'm currently working in the sports industry. In this podcast I aim to gain and share knowledge about this fascinating industry and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.  


Permanent Media Partner to SIGA - Sport Integrity Global Alliance

In September of 2021, Sports Management Podcast proudly
joined SIGA as a Permanent Media Partner.
Marcus Filipsson commented on the partnership:

We stand by SIGA in their work for a sports industry clean of criminal, unethical and illicit activity. Therefore, Sports Management Podcast will use our platform to help spread the word of SIGA's great work and discuss with sports managers about how they work towards achieving high integrity standards in their fields. It's our belief that if the sports community comes together, we can collectively contribute to raising the integrity standards in the
sports industry. 

A new episode will launch every Monday. 

Sports Management Podcast is available on all major podcast directories.