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Jun 5, 2023

Welcome to episode 99 of Sports Management Podcast where the topic is sports media.

Adam White is the founder and CEO of Front Office Sports. He started FOS while attending the University of Miami and had no idea at the time how big it would get. Adam was working in a restaurant to finance FOS in the beginning before he managed to attract funding.

Today, FOS is a major player in sports media with website, podcast, newsletter, original content, job postings and more. Last year, their earnings were close to 8 digits and Adam’s view on the future us clear. More about that soon..

Get ready to learn:

  • How he started Front Office Sports
  • What it is like to be a young CEO
  • Selling 20% of the company to Crain Communications
  • How he spent $40 on the former FOS logo

And much more!



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