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Jun 10, 2024

Welcome to episode 152 of Sports Management Podcast.

Scott Over is a global sports leader with experiences from the International Tennis Federation, OC Sport and World Sailing. Currently he is the co-founder of Sporting Giants – a new purpose-led sports consultancy providing support to those interested in sustainable sport. 

We spoke about:

  • If down-scaling mega events is necessary for the environment
  • How changing the sporting calendar can help the environment
  • How climate change has affected the water quality for sailors
  • Learnings from working with big brands like SAP & Rolex
  • How he utilizes his commercial background at Sporting Giants

And much more!



00:00 Intro
01:23 Sporting Giants and Sustainability
05:09 Making sustainable changes in sports
08:33 Impact of Climate Change on Sports
12:02 Carbon Foot printing and Sustainability Strategies
13:47 Synergies Between Sustainability and Strategy
16:41 Commercial Partnerships and Sustainability
22:23 Downscaling Mega Events and Calendar Coordination
31:04 Sporting Giants' Future and Scott's Career Journey
44:02 Lessons from Sponsorships and Running a Business
53:00 Outro

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