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Mar 25, 2024

Welcome to episode 141 of Sports Management Podcast.

Kyle Sheldon is the founder and CEO of Name & Number - a soccer-specific marketing and creative agency built to connect teams and brands to American soccer fans and culture. He is also the co-founder of Pathway – where they help ambitious professionals break into and build a career in soccer. 

Kyle is an award-winning marketer with nearly 20 years of experience in pro sports and he has worked almost exclusively in soccer except for 2 years in NASCAR.

In this episode we spoke about:

  • What learnings he brought from NASCAR to soccer
  • The story behind the Name & Number logo
  • The rise of soccer in the US
  • The importance of FIFA World Cup 2026
  • What are some hirable qualities

And much more!




00:00 Intro 
01:36 Name & Number 
03:52 Soccer in the US
08:10 FIFA World Cup 2026
10:45 Kyle's Soccer Origin 
12:58 Founding Pathway
16:20 Hirable Qualities 
18:23 Managing Two Companies 
21:00 Importance of Business Relationships 
23:00 Working for NASCAR
30:00 Leadership 
32:40 The Kuykenstrong Foundation
34:25 The Name & Number Logo 
36:10 Marketing is Storytelling 
37:40 Kyle's Favorite Soccer Team
39:07 Bumps On the Road 
42:44 Outro

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