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Nov 20, 2023

Welcome to episode 123 of Sports Management Podcast.

Emily Kaplan is a journalist with a degree from Penn State University and is currently working as an NHL reporter for ESPN.

We spoke about:

  • Why she became a journalist
  • Being diagnosed with anxiety, OCD & depression
  • Handling criticism on social media
  • Being the only in-arena reporter for NHL during covid
  • Her middle-child complex
  • The difference between covering NHL vs NFL
  • Hockey Culture

And much more!




Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro 
00:23 Emily's Background
01:40 From Written to On Camera
02:45 Getting Involved with Sports
04:44 Role Models & Mentors
06:22 Working For Sports Illustrated & ESPN
08:00 Difference Between NFL & NHL Journalism
10:55 Challenges Between the Benches
12:40 Hockey Culture
16:50 Being a Diversity Hire
18:40 Handling Criticism
21:30 Professional Strengths
23:00 Incredible Memory
24:19 Only In-arena Reporter During Covid
25:34 Mental Health
31:00 Work-Life Balance
33:35 Best Memory From NHL
34:25 Star Strucked?
35:40 Best Advice Received
36:05 Being a D-List Celebrity
37:00 Linda Cohn
40:30 Kevin Weekes
42:30 Outro


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