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Oct 30, 2023

Welcome to episode 120 of Sports Management Podcast.

Ben Johnson is the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Commercial for SailGP. 

Ben oversees the league’s event expansion, commercial partnerships and media rights in North America to reach its next generation of race fans. Johnson is also responsible for delivering impactful results across the league’s key pillars of sustainability and technology to create the world's most thrilling, purpose-driven sport on water.

Get ready to learn about:

  • Why Sail GP is the fastest growing sports league
  • Sail GP’s partnership strategy
  • Why Ben thrives at new sports leagues like Sail GP and The Drone Racing League
  • Sail GP’s sustainability efforts
  • How a race week is like
  • Sebastian Vettel investing in the newest Sail GP team

And much more!

Time stamps:

00:00 Intro
01:55 SailGP - Fastest Growing Sports League
03:22 Sustainability at SailGP
06:40 More Teams = More Complexity
08:10 USA is an Important Market for Sail GP
10:08 The Fan Experience at Sail GP
12:10 Growing to 13 Races
13:26 Sebastian Vettel Invests in Sail GP Team
14:45 Sail GP Created a Fan Owned Team
18:40 Sail GP's Partnership Strategy
23:29 What a Race Week is Like
25:01 Best Ways to Stream a Sail GP Race
26:33 Ben's Background
30:25 Creativity in Sports
32:06 Following Your Passion
33:53 Best Advice For Working in Sports




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