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Sep 4, 2023

Welcome to episode 112 of Sports Management Podcast.

This episode is part of the Sports Integrity week, hosted by SIGA – Sports Integrity Global Alliance.
Sport Integrity Week is entering a new era: stage 3.0! SIW is the World’s Leading Event dedicated to Sport Integrity, and it knows no boundaries. I am a proud media partner to SIGA with this podcast and if you want to learn more about SIGA and Sports Integrity Week – follow the link in the description.

Sandra Lopez is a tech executive with experiences from large companies like Adobe, Intel & Microsoft. She is also a board of director advisor to start-ups, co-chair to SIGA North America and she also sits on SIGA’s tech committee. 

Get ready to learn:

  • How she got into sports tech 
  • Why she walked out of a job due to the glass ceiling
  • Her definition of empowerment
  • The difference between a sponsor and a mentor
  • Her work with SIGA
  • The importance of SIGA’s work for the sports industry 

And much more!



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