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Feb 13, 2023

Welcome to episode 83 of Sports Management Podcast where the topics are sports tech & entrepreneurship.

Angelina Lawton is the founder & CEO of Sportsdigita. Sportsdigita is an industry-leading technology company helping brands drive sales revenue via Digideck, a revolutionary cloud-based presentation platform, or as Angelina puts it “PowerPoint on steroids”.

Angelina has been named “FORBES 30 Most Powerful Women in Sports” and she has vast experience from the sports industry but also from the finance world.

She has spent over a decade on Wall Street, before she transitioned into ice hockey where she worked for the Tampa Bay Lightnings, being in charge of “anything and everything with the Lightnings logo on it”. Finally, in 2011, she launched Sportsdigita, became an entrepreneur and she has spend the last 11 years building the company and they have worked with over 400+ of the biggest brands in sports and enterprise worldwide.

Get ready to learn:

- How it was like working for her father on Wall Street
- Why she started Sportsdigita
- The challenges of having her husband as the GM at the Tampa Bay Lightnings
- How to thrive in a male dominated field
- Angelina’s 8 Tips To Becoming Your Best Self

And much more!



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