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Jun 12, 2023

Welcome to episode 100 of Sports Management Podcast.

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Fredrik Sjöström is the general manager for Frölunda Hockey Club, one of the most successful European hockey clubs the last decade. He is also a former NHL player and was drafted by Phoenix Coyotes as 11th overall. I took my microphone and met Fredrik at Frölunda’s training facility to ask him:

  • How is he building the team for next season?
  • What other GM is he looking up to?
  • Why didn’t he offer Loui Eriksson an extension?
  • What was it like having Wayne Gretzky, the best of all time, as a coach?
  • What actually happened with Ryan Lasch’s contract?
  • What does he admire most with the Lundqvist brothers

And much more!

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Thank you!!


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